Surrender Your Bird

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Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn and tragically brings about the need to rehome a pet.  The best thing in this case is to take as long as necessary to find the best possible home.  Unfortunately time is not always available to do so, and pets are put in the dangerous position of being rehomed in a rush. To help alleviate this problem Silver Sage Aviaries accepts owner surrenders.


This looks a little bit different for us than for most organizations that accept owner surrenders for a few reasons. First, we are a small family run aviary, not a non-profit rescue.  We will not always have space for additional birds and we may not have the available funds to take on birds with extreme medical issues. However, we do our best.


Birds surrendered to Silver Sage Aviaries will be rehomed under the same contract as our own babies and with the same level of care. 

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