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The internet is full of sites listing all the fantastic things about each species of parrot, but for those of us who want a more realistic idea before going out to meet individual birds and falling in love, here are some potential deal breakers.  Keep in mind these are broad statements and any individual bird may be different, but here are some things to keep in mind as you narrow down your search.



-High pitched voice and call.

-Bluffing phase.

-Not snuggly.

-Incredibly smart and can turn very ornery when bored.

-Uncommonly difficult to tame if wild.

-Don’t do as well clipped as some other birds do; it seems to cause greatly increased fear and aggression in some individuals.

-Strong willed and will not hesitate to lunge and bite if they think it will help them get their way.

-Long tails require a taller cage



-Easily become “one person birds” if not properly trained and socialized, and can be violent with all others AND their “chosen person”  if they perceive unfaithfulness. And they perceive this VERY EASILY.

-If not properly socialized and trained (and sometimes even if they are) they can be vicious biters.

-Harsh and grating call when screaming



-Incredibly shrill whistling call

-Powder down (if you have allergies, these little guys will WRECK YOU)

-Love head scritches, but if you are looking for a puppy-style snuggler, these guys are not it.

-Typically don’t hold food in their feet to eat it.  This cute behavior of other parrots is something that some people really look forward to, and it just isn’t there with most cockatiels

-Usually don’t like to lie on their backs in the other cute pose that some parrot owners crave.

-“Cockatiel Beak Slap” is a real thing.  Cockatiels have a very distinctive behavior of opening the mouth, screeching a hideous sound, and acting like they are going to rip your finger off.  They usually don’t, but it can be very intimidating.

-In the wild cockatiels are ground feeders.  They seem keep the natural desire to run around on the floor tasting everything.  This means they are on the floor of their cages a lot and sometimes try to eat their own poop if you aren’t careful.

-Cockatiels are prone to compulsive egg laying that can cause major health issue.




-Don’t let the cute name deceive you, these cuties can deliver a mean bite.

-When housed together, lovebirds are extremely likely to bond closely with their mate and reject their human owners

-Extremely likely to develop perpetual nesting behaviors and the aggression and health problems that go with nesting.

-Extremely high pitched call

-Higher level of aggression towards same species flock mates than some other species.


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